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Welcome to theĀ Elgin Area Men’s Shed


Few opportunities are offered to senior men in Elgin and surrounding communities. Older men particularly often feel left out. They communicate less, stay home, become inactive, and start to disregard their mental and physical health. Women talk face to face, men talk while shoulder to shoulder with other men. Men need to be in the company of other men, where they can talk loudly without embarrassment and ridicule, while ignoring each other’s appearance, joking with and razzing one another, working together, communicating, and forming friendships. Tinkering and building are in men’s DNA. Men used to retreat to the garage or shed in the back yard for hours.

The idea, Men’s Shed, named after the backyard space where many men keep their work space and tools, emerged after a public health conference on men’s health. “One of the big issues for men is social isolation, which affects both mental and physical health, particularly in retirement”, said Charolette S. Yeh, the chief medical officer for AARP.

Men’s Shed started in Australia in 1995 and is now expanding in the United States, with groups in nine states. “The goal of the program is to give men, usually of retirement age, a place to go, something to do, and people to chat with.” said Barry Golding, author of “The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men.”

A Men’s Shed is a community workshop focusing primarily on senior men providing a gathering place organized around a theme and a purpose. The Elgin Area Men’s Shed will provide a range of activities as directed by it’s members, such as work in wood, metal, leather, cooking, and computers, as well as educational social and health related speakers and events. There are nearly 2,000 Men’s Sheds in Australia, England, Scotland, and Canada. Currently only 14 exist in the United States.

We are organized in an Elgin area Men’s Shed and your help is needed. We welcome individuals that agree on the concept of a Men’s Shed and who would be willing to take part in a steering committee. This committee will direct the focus, activities, and functions of the Elgin Area Men’s Shed.

If you are interested in participating, or wanting additional information click on contact us below.

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