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Men's Sheds are informal in approach and welcome seniors from all walks of life,  whatever their backgrounds.

They are a group of people who for one reason or another have some spare time on their hands, and for whom the idea of using their time in a creative and socially interactive way is appealing.

Men involved in practical tasks and getting to know people by working alongside them rather than sitting down face to face.

Team Work & Friendship

Projects and Events


The Elgin Area Men’s Shed provides a safe and comfortable workshop environment for seniors, primarily men, to gather to work on various  projects in their local communities, making new friends, sharing life experiences and skills and have a little fun. 

And, importantly, there is no pressure. Men can work on projects they like, or just hangout sharing stories, learn new skills, hone old ones, pursue hobbies and interests  or have a cup of coffee if that’s what they want to do.