On behalf of the Elgin Police Department and the Collaborative Crisis Services Unit, I would like to share our gratitude to the “Elgin Area Men’s Shed”. This organization is essential in addressing transportation needs by rebuilding donated bicycles to be used by those in need. Many bicycles have already been given to Hines Veteran’s Affairs Hospital. These bicycles were given to veterans in need, who did not have access to personal transportation. The bicycles are also given to youth to replace worn out and even stolen bicycles. The efforts by the “Elgin Area Men’s Shed” help in building a positive partnership with the community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and have been a valuable resource.

Detective Scott Williams
Collaborative Crisis Services Unit
Elgin Police Department

I joined since I was new to the Elgin area. I love working with my hands, carpentry and spending time with other people. The shed provides me with these opportunities, I work with some amazing tools, I gain experience and benefit in participation in activities with people from others who share my interests

— Paul Reardon, Shed Member

The Elgin Area Men’s Shed has been a great way for me to meet men with diverse experiences and interesting life stories. We learn from each other and enjoy our time together. It has been a blessing to be able to help various individuals and organizations meet needs that were not being met via other programs. The Shed also gives me access to tools that I do not own.

— Gary Anliker, Shed Member

Elgin Area Men’s Shed is a great partner with Hawthorne Hill Nature Center. They have built sensory tables for our nature play area, stool for indoor library, and birdhouses for Earth Day. I naturally reached out to them when I needed a small shed built at the nature center. EAMS didn’t hesitate, took control of coordinating the build, recruited volunteers to build it and constructed the shed. I can’t thank them enough. I look forward to working with this dedicated organization on future projects.

— Jan Monell, Senior Recreation Supervisor

I am writing this note because I personally think the men of Elgin Men’s Shed are one of the greatest groups of individuals I have ever met! Just before the Covid hit us all, we approached them to see if they would construct 3 door unit flats for our theater group here in Elgin. They did this and created 3 wonderful units that we are still using today. All they asked for was the cost of the materials. Wow! We then had our show, “Suite Surrender”, and shortly after that we all in theater arts were closed down by the pandemic.

The performing arts groups are all back again and have been for a while. Recently, I was able to contact them again through Ken Pozehl about possibly constructing a throne for our production of “I Hate Hamlet”. We showed him what we wanted and he and one other man, Pat Huckeby, went to work constructing and staining this based on what we showed them. Again, all they wanted was payment for materials used and we have done this gladly. When you find a group of craftsmen like this group you are working with a gift from God. We at Elgin Theatre Company are a non-profit 501 C3 organization. We do OK in keeping the doors open for the last 70 years here in Elgin, but when help like these men volunteer their time and labor for free, I cannot say “Thank You” enough!

— Richard A. Grieger, President Elgin Theatre Company

With the most sincere gratitude for the kindness you all have shown to my father. He has told friends and family all about “The Shed.”
Thank you!

— Sally Smith